Ultimate Firearm Sling

Nonslip material of high tech thermoplastic designed for the Rifle, Shotgun, Muzzle Loader or Crossbow

Sets up on any standard stud and comes equipped with standard metal swivels

Works as a shooting sling and has an adjustable two strap system

I agree with the name, it really is the Ultimate Gun Sling. The rubber acts like a shock absorber. No need for a sling pad because the entire sling is a comfortable pad. Sling does not slip from your shoulder. The 2 strap system is awesome when carrying rifle like a backpack (one strap over each shoulder)…gun is very secure, and both hands are free. There is no rubbery smell as another poster mentioned…maybe when sling first comes off assembly line. I had some concern before ordering this sling that the rubbery look would appear odd against my rifle, but now that I’ve installed this rubber sling on my synthetic stock, it looks like the perfect match. I can see if you have an heirloom quality wooden rifle stock, you might want a high-end leather sling to match the stock, but that type rig is mainly for show. When hunting, you don’t want to be concerned about getting your stock and sling wet or muddy. There is no cloth or leather to absorb sweat or rain. If you want a true hunting rig, the synthetic stock with this rubber sling is the way to go. Both the synthetic stock, and rubber sling are impervious to the elements, and make the perfect hunting rig combination. This guy had a great idea in this rubber sling. Wish I had thought of this idea.

Got my Ultimate sling today. Put it on my Savage 212 and put it on my shoulder. I was amazed at how it gripped my shoulder as advertised. Second shotgun is coming up this week and I cannot wait . I can put it on my shoulder climb into my stand and not worry about my shotgun falling off of my shoulder as it has almost every time before. It works this week I’ll be buying one for my crossbow and .450 bushmaster.

Great American product. Built by Americans for all the world to enjoy.
Friendly, fast, follow-up client service.
This sling will last me a lifetime as stated by their lifetime warranty.
What I love about this sling is that it is so much easier to carry my rifle than with my very nice expensive leather sling.
The sling grips tight on your shoulder and can very easily be carried over 2 shoulders, saving some aces and pains down the road from carrying your rifle 200+km. I also love the fact that I can climb fences, trees, etc as I just throw the sling over both shoulders securing my rifle on my back so that I can move around freely.
Now only time will tell if this product is as great as my first and current impression.

This is the absolute best sling I have ever used. I can not stand it when the sling keeps sliding off your shoulder on a long walk to the stand, this sling solves that problem. No slip, waterproof, quiet, stretches, etc. I could go on and on about how good this sling is, just buy one for yourself and find out. Also, MADE IN THE USA!!!! Great product, thanks!!!!