Tactical Rifle Case Outdoor Soft Rifle Double Bag for Hunting Fishing

Heavy duty industrial 600D polyester and water resistant lining construction.

Main bag 32.2″(L) x 10.5″(W), Sub-bag 20″(L) x 9.8″(W) / Main bag 38″(L) x 10.4″(W), Sub-bag 26″(L) x 10″(W) / Main bag 46″(L) x 10.4″(W), Sub-bag 26″(L) x 10″(W).

2 ways of holding: Hand-hold and backpack type.

4 exterior accessory pockets and 1 big concealed back pocket.

Internal adjustable velcro straps to fix your rifles.

The case ended up being too short for my shotgun and traded it to my brother in law for one that fit. He was happy to have it for one of his shorter rifles. Loved the pockets to keep cleaning and ammo. Probably would have stashed a few snacks in one of them for the woods. The straps give you multiple ways to carry the loaded case.

I liked this gun case so much I bought two of them and the rifles fit great. I also like the numerous pockets it has.

A great value for the money. Can carry to tactical rifles or shotguns.

Love this case. Has a bunch of pockets to hold all kinds of things.

Store all my ammo and easy to carry multiple ways.

Great product. Highly recommend!!

Both items were shipped.

It fit perfectly. The padding is thin but it worked. The straps for the backpack need to be sewn to the top.

The price is very well worth it. It has alot of compartments and pockets which were quite useful for my paint ball needs.

Kind of cheap looking and feeling. But not bad for the price.



Rifle Sling Vickers Sling Quick Adjust 1.25″ Wide Tube Webbing

This gun sling matched with different accessories can suitable for any rifle, carbine or shotgun.

The rifle sling made of premium durable nylon tube woven webbing. Smooth edge of the soft rifle sling will not cut into you.

Make fast length changes without having to disconnect sling. Minimize tangles and fumbles in the field. This vickers sling can be adjusted to over 55 inches.

The 2 point sling will compatible with Any 1.25-inch sling mounts, loops or quick detach sling swivels.

We provide lifetime warranty and 100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee.

Absolutely love this sling! I feel like it’s just as good as some of the higher quality ones I have on other rifles. Quick adjust system works great. feels very durable made of quality material with great stitching. I waited a while before leaving a review so that I could thoroughly test I’ve been using for several months now with no issues and minimal wear.

For a basic, quick adjust sling I think you would be hard pressed to do better. Some instructions would be helpful but once you get it figured out it works really well. It’s not padded so it may be a little hard to wear all day but for a stand-by type of setup it’s a bargain.

It is a well thought out design, similar in design and quality to the STI quick adjust which I have several. Took a chance on this as STI was out of stock momentarily Florence the color I wanted for this build. I also have a Magpul MS1 quick adjust and while I generally fee, the Magpul is of superior quality to both of these (bit not by as much as the price would indicate) I don’t feel it’s as intuitive as these more budget friendly designs. All 3 use tubular webbing which I find superior to other methods. I would recommend and purchase again.

I needed something that could loop through some openings as I did not want to add a separate mount point to my pistol. This sling worked perfectly and was great at the range. I would recommend this for use with rifles where you don’t want clips or QD mounts.


Soft Carrying Gun, Shotgun and Rifle Case

Fits scoped rifles up to 46″.
Four accessory pockets store cleaning supplies, targets, hearing and eye protection, etc.
Easy clean lining.

I needed a straight forward soft case for a new rifle. I don’t like those techni-cool cases with all the pockets, straps and fancy do-dads. It’s just too much. I tend to carry ammo in ammo carriers and loose gear in a small duffle, so I just didn’t need a big fancy case. This is just perfect. A couple pockets for a bore sighter, an extra magazine and whip-down rag is all I really need (I could put a box of ammo in there if needed). I use this for a Tikka TX3, a Leupold 3-9×50 scope with a mini Reflex on the side. This set-up fit’s perfect; I even have room for small muzzle brake if I wanted to add that. The outer fabric seems like really good quality, zippers are excellent and interior fabric is nice and soft. This is an amazingly good value; you won’t be disappointed.

I got the 46″ rifle case. It fits my 24″ barrel Savage 110 Tactical w/ Athlon Argos BTR 6-24x50mm on medium height rings. My rifle measures just under 44″ and this case gives some room on either ends.

Won’t fit with a 6-9″ height bipod attached to the rifle, but the bipod will fit in the rear pocket where the stock would be. The 10-rd AICS magazine fits in the very front pocket.

The mesh pocket will probably rip the first time it snags on something, but everything else seems sturdy. Padding is good enough for a soft case, but definitely won’t give you the protection of a hard case.

I wanted a soft case with a sling to free up my hand, fit my rifle, pocket(s) for accessories, and affordable. This one meets all.

I bought this case to have something to take my Chinese SKS to the range in. It fits perfectly, even can carry 6 loaded stripper clips in the front compartments. I also have another Allen case, one designed for fishing tackle, but I removed all the insides, cut a piece of foam to put in it, painted it black, and now use it as a case for my Mossberg Shockwave 590. Again, it’s a perfect size for it! So having a couple of these Allen cases, I can say they seem very well made, sturdy stitching, heavy duty material, nothing cheap or flimsy about them!

Seems like most questions are whether my gun will fit… so I put it in the title.
There is no scope on my shotgun.
Well made, side pockets are nice but close fitting so won’t fit a lot of accessories in there.


Metal Squirrel Reset Target

REACTIVE DISC TARGETS – Automatically reset, no need to walk down-range.

HEAVY-DUTY STEEL CONSTRUCTION – For years of target practice fun.

1. 5-INCH TARGET FOR SHOT PLACEMENT – Hit the 2-inch target to reset and start over.



The auto-resetting Squirrel Target is perfect for skills development and backyard fun. Made with heavy-duty steel, this target will stand up to all the shooting you want to do. Experience the thrill of knocking down targets without having to walk down-range or pull cords to reset them. Hit the 1. 5-inch disc to practice on the squirrel, hit the 2-inch disc to reset! The system is ideal for use with . 177-caliber air guns up to 1200 fps and . 22-caliber air guns up to 950 fsp.

Wonderful target! The kill zone falls down everytime and the reset has no problem! Great for a .22 air rifle (not for a .22 LR. Lol). I miss used mine to see what it would do and it still didnt break! Tough little thing.

low price, so I was skeptical. No worries, very strong and my airguns all punched the top target, and reset it by hitting the bottom one. My Scoped Crosman gas piston Nitro .22, Diana model 52 .22 and even an old Diana 45 in .177 with iron sights (only about 800 FPS), all had enough wallop at 30 yards to make it work when you hit the yellow targets dead center. Direct hits and it works. Not easy at 30 yards or more either, even with a scope… very small “kill zone”. Lots of fun and good practice in the backyard for Hunting / Field / Target competition, or in preparation for backyard pests or small game season.

My son and I love to shoot and this target is a blast! Yes, it’s just a couple chucks of metal in the shape of a squirrel…but it’s a challenge at 25 yards to hit the kill zone and the reset plate for my boy and he is learning valuable lessons in shot placement, breathing techniques, and windage. Shooting paper isn’t very fun because it lacks any responsiveness to the shooter. When you hit the squirrel target you get a very satisfying DING! I as a veteran love shooting this target for that very reason. The quality is spot on too. Thick enough metal that you aren’t going to damage it using a 177 or 22cal break barrel or entry level PCP such as the Urban. The paint is thick but will eventually need to be replaced, but that is to be expected. 100% recommend to all airgunners looking for a great way to practice that is more entertaining that punching holes in cardboard and paper targets.

Can’t go wrong for the price. Very well made. Have shot it with a few hundred rounds and it works flawless. I am cracking up at the reviews that say it can’t handle .22 and it is obvious they shot it with a .22lr and not a .22 pellet gun. This is made for pellet guns not an actual .22lr rifle. The paint is also not a problem of course it is going to chip off when you shoot it. Any steel target is going to have the paint come off when you shoot it. Buy with confidence!

I love products and this one doesn’t disappoint. The paint does wear off but hey you are shooting at it lol keep a can of spray paint handy and you are all set. I have had this outside all summer through tons of rain and the mechanism still has never failed! For some great reset target fun get this. It’s cheap durable and fun to shoot at.



6 Inch Cotton Gun Cleaning Swabs with Bamboo Handle

Industrial-grade, low-lint cotton; Doesn’t leave lint behind.

Made from bamboo; Easily bend and holds up to some pressure; Long enough to clean pistol bore and magazine well.

Perfect size for .22 .223 5.56 Caliber. Breech cleaners for slides, receivers, chambers, magazine housings, breeches and more; Work great for small spots inside tight areas.

Tip size 5.92mm; Tips hold up well when cleaners are used; Allow perfect placement of oils.

Come with a case for storage. Pack of 300. Disposable and biodegradable.

I don’t own any guns. I’m an artist though and found these to be PERFECT for blending colored pencils (using mineral spirits) effortlessly. These have a fatter cotton tip (and more product for your money!) than the medical Q-tips. Plus they come in their own plastic storage case for ease and that was a bonus— extra bonus that I can re-use that plastic container for something else when these run out. They also have a thicker wood handle that doesn’t break too easily. These are the best I’ve found. They’re certainly multipurpose. If you have a gun nut or an artist in your life- these are a great purchase!

Best swabs I’ve ever used in gun building and gun cleaning. The pointed side get in this nooks and crannies. The cotton is woven tight and does not fall apart like many, even name brand swabs. As a size reference, and with the tips oiled, I can get the pointed side to slide all the way though the ar bolt firing pin channel to clean it out (with the extractor off). The swab side will actually fit into the carrier key by twisting (although not recommended). In both cases, I have never had an issue leaving behind strands of cotton, or breaking off the tip. The price is right, since I go through a box every two weeks or so, I’m not breaking the bank.

Parfait pour pour le nettoyage de mes carabines et fusil.

Very good product !!!

The bamboo cotton tips are the best you can get. they dont snap when trying to get to tough spots. like chambrrs of AR’s. wood ones break right away and the regular paper shaft ones dont work. The plastic shaft ones sometimes are stiff enough and sometimes they are too flexable. these are just right for gun cleaning. The only thing is they could be a little bit more affordable. they are kimda pricey..but I still buy them in all styles..

These are great for any use. I use them for guns, crafts, my wife also uses them from time to time for various things. I like the doubles and you after you done with them you can always snip off the use portion and have a small piece of stick that can be used for something else later, like mixing glue, paint or who knows what.


Professional Square Gun Cleaning Patches for .22 .223 5.56MM

Punch your bore with thick material which has superior structural integrity and will not fall apart when being used.

Very little threads or fibers after use;Minimal lint residue.

Great for holding solvents and moving out fouling; Do a good job of soaking up carbon fouling, dirt, grime, left-over lubricant, etc.

Good size for .22 LR / .17 Cal; 1″ Square gun cleaning patches.

These are just like the Hoppe’s Synthetic patches which are no longer available. Comparing the two, these are 1/2 as thick as the Hoppe’s so you’ll need to use two for the same effect. Also, I wish Boosteady sold 1.5″ patches to match the Hoppe’s 1.5″ which were perfect for practically anything outside of shotguns. 1.25″ is just a wee small.

Overall, a terrific, thin patch that allows you to stack them to desired thickness unlike cotton or flannel.

Worst patches I have ever seen, they look like dryer sheets. I can’t believe people make products like this…terrible. Do yourself a favor and pass on these.

Great multi purpose patches. Good for cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing. They seem to hold up well, and not leave any excess fibers. I highly recommend this great deal.

Patches de très bonne qualité. Ne s’effilochent pas !! Super.

Better than the patches that came included in my name brand cleaning kit. They rarely leave any lint. They don’t tear. They pick up junk well, and leave lube well. A little thin, but the quantity makes up for that because I can just double them up as needed.


Men’s Hunting Windproof Stratus Pants

Available in sizes small, medium, medium tall, large, large tall, x-large, x-large tall, xx-large, and xxx-large.

The 100% windproof GORE WINDSTOPPER membrane is encased between an ultra-quiet wet-printed fleece face fabric and an insulating fleece interior.

Articulated patterning gives you a comfortable fit for the seated position and frees your legs for a complete range of motion.

Featuring thigh cargo pockets to keep necessities close at hand from a seated position and quiet cnap closures to minimize noise.

We pride ourselves on providing the highest quality apparel that ensures you’re prepared to tackle any obstacle, in any element, under any condition. Check out our storefront to view our complete line up of industry leading products.

I can’t speak highly enough of Sitka gear! I have their base layers, gloves, balaclava, hat, shirt, stratus jacket and stratus pants in the elevated ii pattern. The deer have so much trouble seeing me and the gear that has gore tech in it stops the cold wind from penetrating. Everything has been worth the price tag in my opinion. I love that they have tall sizes everything fits perfectly which is unusual for me since I’m tall (6′ 2″) and skinny.

I have been buying good gear my entire hunting lifetime…about 30 years. Just putting on Sitka gear is an experience, but being in the field with it is on another level. I had questions and hesitations prior to switching all my gear over to Sitka, but whatever the price tag was ( I act like I don’t know, but it was serious $$) those hesitations disappear once you are in the elements in the stuff. The gear is almost intuitive and it feels like a part of you. You can’t cheap out, buy the correct layers for different seasons and you’ll be comfortable in anything. Buy it as an investment for the future and you won’t be buying anything else ever again.

I didn’t give a great review of the Equinox Hoodie, or the Fanatic Hoodie, but this one is awesome. I should have went with the Stratus line from top to bottom. These are great with just a pair of thermals on underneath and had no issues with warmth. My feet were the only thing below the belt that got cold.

I read a ton of reviews and was worried that these pants would be overpriced and not very warm. I tend to run warm so take that into account. I only saw a few reviews that said they wore these pants into the low 20s so I was a bit concerned that this wouldn’t be warm enough for late season. These pants were too warm in the low 40s with nothing underneath, but I did get a chance to sit in low 20s and these pants were great with a cheap base layer and a fleece line pant underneath. Both thin enough layers that they tucked into my boots just fine. Not even a little cold in the legs

The only cons I have are that for this price I wish it was waterproof but I didn’t get soaked in a light drizzle. They run a little small I wear a 36in pants and had to get the XL to even button them up. Also, the zippers are a little loud but honestly, all zippers are loud when you are trying to be silent.

I spent a ton of money on Sitka stuff and ended up sending most of it back besides this series. This Stratus series is worth the money. Layer and use it for cold weather or just use it and stay warm down into the low 50’s. I bought jacket, gloves, beanie, and neck guard. Highly recommend!

perfect pants for mid or late season hunting. in extreme cold hunting conditions wear these pants under the Incinerator bibs and you could easily hunt in frigid single digit windy conditions. as all Sitka gear you will need to go up one size based on what you would normally wear. you cant beat the consistency of how well made all of the Sitka gear is. well worth the money spent on hunting gear that will last for many years in all conditons.


Handgun Cleaning Kit 25 in 1 Pistol Cleaning Kit

This gun cleaning kit includes any tools you will possibly need to clean your handguns. Package: .22Cal., .357Cal./9MM, .40Cal., and .45Cal. bronze bore brushes and brass jags and cotton mop (this is rare in similar products). 2 solid brass rods, .22Cal., .30Cal. slotted tips, 1 empty bottle, 1 nylon brush, 1 handle, 50 pieces gun cleaning patches, 1 stainless steel pick, 1 reusable cleaning cloth, 1 pair of protective gloves, 20 cotton swabs, 1 small pendant.

The cleaning rod, jag and slotted tips are all made of durable sturdy bronze brass. Also, we use high-quality hard plastic in some parts, not the rough one like other brands. Each piece will go through strict quality inspection before shipping.

We have precisely engraved size labels both on products and the EVA padded which is very convenient to select the corresponding size and put them back in their correct places. So you would not lose or misplace any single thing out of this kit.

Carrying case design and the pieces are always in their place to keep all cleaning components nice and organized. Case size: 6.7’’ x 4.3’’ x 1.6’’, 0.56 lb.

This is my 2nd one in a week … Was looking at something to carry in my range bag for when I help with commercial training classes. Saw this, it appeared to have everything I need to clean/lube a pistol while out on the range to keep students in the game if needed. I purchased one earlier and was impressed so why not buy another for my other instructor.

Hand gun cleaner very nice set it’s small but it’s come with a pouch to storage all of it in its come with everything you need to clean you hand gun it was well worth the money knowing I can clean my hand gun at home highly recommended.

This was perfect for A novice firearm cleaner like me(wife). I bought it for my first time taking the gun apart and cleaning it. It came with everything that I needed and some extras. I like that is compact and not overwhelming.

I bought this as a gift for my Grandson for his 9mm hand gun. It’s a great compact kit and has everything you need to keep a hand gun in top working condition. It comes in a hard case of good quality with high quality accessories to utilize while cleaning your firearm. Fast shipping and great customer service.

This little compact case is the greatest. Great for my gun carrying bag. Everything is neat and in its place. Love this. No bulk.

Good enough for the low cost! It has a lot packed in a small kit,easy to carry. This one has both the slotted heads for swabbing and the pointed ones for ramming a swab through the barrel which is nice to use on the glock.

Excellent cleaning kit. All my calibers, all the tools I need except a bore snake. Extremely compact to take to the range.