AirSoft Target For Shooting, Reusable BB & Pellet Guns With Trap Net Catcher

[Charm of products] Enjoy air guns safely anywhere in or outdoors

[Ease of use] Fixing the paper so that it does not shake

[Save] Collect bullets for easy reuse

[Easy to assemble and carry] Small size when not in use

Can be installed on the wall

Recovering of burnt & marbles solved in noise net attach object It is recommended for shooting, sniper training and game of CS, pre-Sabah practice and coordination, tatami shooter.

The bullets (BB) in the chamber and solve the ball trouble, bullets & balls are properly boxed. You can shoot more bullets in succession without wandering.

Because there is no noise, it can reduce the sound at the time of landing, and it is applied for indoor use.

Works great as long as your aim is good. Will catch airport bbs with no problems. My kid shoots all over the place so that’s why I said if your aim is good. Can replace the clips with clothes pins if needed and can print your own targets if you want.

Use this with Elite Glock G17 green gas airsoft gun shooting indoor within 15ft. It captures all airsofts. US A4 paper a bit short but the clips can still hold the target paper tight.

It was as advertised, great weighted paper. Delivered earlier than promised.



Tactical Nylon 12 Gauge Shotgun Bullet Shell Holder for Rifles

Constitute by durable 500D Cordura Nylon material

Backside for attachment to magic sticker surfaces

The shell can carry 5 shotguns, shotgun bullets are did not included

Suitable for outdoor activities, hunting, shooting or other activities

Attaches to any belt, backpack, vest or other Molle equipments with magic sticker

The cartridge loops are uniformly sewn for in an easy-access position, your ammo is reliably in place when you need it. It’s also light and easy to carry, which makes it more convenient than a heavy dump pouch.

Made of high quality 500D Cordura nylon material which is durable, sturdy and lightweight to carry

Can hold 5 shortgun shells.

Great for hunting and other shooting activities.

At this price point I don’t think you can beat the product.

The product is well made. I bought it for H&R pardner 12 gauge (870 clone). The backing is very tacky and sticks very well, only time will tell how long the adhesive will last, especially after dealing with the heat. I had no problem with it fitting on the side. The stiching is good and the loops hold 12ga shotshells tight and securely, even after taking them and out repeatedly. The ranger green color also matches the rest of my ranger green equipment, thumbs up. Overall, happy and satisfied, they should offer these as two and four packs.

Much better than hard plastic fixed mounting shell holders. You can carry 4 of these in a vest and quickly slap them into your shotgun as you deplete the shells in them.
Have 4 of them and they are fantastic!
100% recommended.

Très bonne qualité, bien cousu. Le velcro est fort et la colle fait sa job! Les élastiques qui retiennent les cartouches sont ni trop loose ni trop serrées.

Remplace très les side saddles bcp plus cher!

Super produit!!!


Reactive Splatter Targets – Glowshot – Multi Color – Gun and Rifle Targets

50 Pack – Multi-Color Reactive Splatter Targets (20 Packs also available)

Made with Heavy Duty non-Adhesive Tag Board – Holds up to dozens of hits.

Use for Gun Targets & Rifle Targets – Also works with Airsoft and BB Guns

I have used every target offered on amazon and more. This target and also “SUPER SPLATER” ARE the easiest to see upon hitting the target. PHOTO is about 15 yards away from target and BB pistol used. as you can see I did a lot of shooting that time. do not waste your money on different colored targets, you will not be happy at all. do not take my word on it just go ahead an order them, I promise you will love them compared to others you may have used.

I love these targets. Even though my local range provides paper targets, I take these along and use them instead. Why? Because with these, I can actually see where I’ve shot. These eyes are getting a bit older and need every bit of help I give them. I also like that each sheet comes with extra inner circles and black dots, which extends the usefulness. Use the extra small targets to cover well-placed shots and the black dots to cover the rest, thereby making each sheet last up to three live-fire sessions. Great for pellet guns, too!

I can see my .22 hits at 50 yards. I don’t understand the “warmth” selection in your evaluation section? I don’t think it’s an appropriate term to use to describe a target. So, for this reason I checked the 5star option, so as to not bring down the score. I guess I do get a warm fuzzy feeling when my bullet hits the target where I intended the bullet to go.

These targets are basically a good buy for the money and work very well. You won’t be disappointed with these!

These are great targets especially if you want to keep your targets. They are a non-adhesive plastic type target. I staple them to a board then remove and label with a permanent marker. They would be expensive if they were just paper, but they’re much higher quality than paper. I haven’t tested, but they seem like they would be water resistant.

They’re not so tough that you can just rip them from staples without damage, but tough enough to pull out the staples if you’re careful and the board behind it is soft enough. They’re not flimsy like paper. If you bend/crease them, they will be damaged. If you put something adhesive on the front, it will damage them by removing the black top layer revealing the bright “glow” color underneath.

I don’t like how some targets you have to finish shooting to see your aim. This one because of the splatter I knew to raise or lower my gun. The paper was nice and thick. I was able to put it up with one nail and nothing behind it and shoot away. I will DEFINITELY be getting it again.

Each target comes with plenty of patches so when it gets too riddled, you can fix it up and keep shooting. I do a fair amount of shooting and it took me about 2 years to go through the 50 pack. I find 10″ is a good size for pistols or rifles up to 200 yards. Further than that, a bigger target would be better. Only complaint; the adhesive is a little weak. Your target backer has to be a pretty smooth surface for these to stick.


Coated Cleaning Rod 33″ 22 to 26 Caliber (5.56-6.7 mm), Multi

Great For Use With All Firearms And Calibers

Pioneered Innovative Products With An Unwavering Dedication For Quality

Different Colored Reactive Zones Within The Target

I was a little nervous, and was about to order a rod that cost twice the price of this one.. I’m glad that I gave it a chance. I bent an aluminum cleaning rod before this, but this thing is solid. The handle is comfortable and it is a great product at an even better value.

Now this is a great cleaning rod. Like most people I gad a collection of cleaning rods most of which were too short for half of my rifles. Besides being too short, most of my other cleaning rods have strange collapsible Handles that always seem to collapse when you need them not to collapse. This cleaning rod was a godsend. A real actual handle attached to a long rod capable of using most jags and brushes. This is a very sturdy well-made rod that is a pleasure to use. . I only wish I had bought one of these years ago.

Good value for the money. Comes very well protected in a large box. Additionally, you get a plastic storage tube for it. Sturdy and great quality. Does not come with any attachments but your old cleaning rod attachments will fit.

I use Amazon for most of my purchases and I update my reviews if anything changes with the products. I do this so other Amazon users can get a real feel for the life of the product. I am not associated with any company and all opinions are my very own.

High quality stainless steel rod. Way better than the other “join them up” rods That tend to bend and break. This is a one time purchase and will work well for years.

It was as described, worked well. I did switch to carbon rod for my precision rifles, can’t risk damage from steel.

The “nylon coating” is just a thin layer of paint. However it totally worth the money just as a stainless rod.

Buena relación calidad y precio el producto está muy bueno.



AR500 Steel Target Hangers and Gong Targets Combo Pack

All are made of AR500 material, very steady and sturdy, powder coated black to protect against wear and rust, perfect for hanging all your targets.

Included 2 leg brackets and 4 hooks and a zip-style fabric bag.

EMT Conduit NOT INCLUDED. When you buy conduit, you’ll need 1 inch Electric Metallic Tube or 3/4 inch pipe, instead of 1 inch pipe. Please make sure your pipe diameter less than 1.2 inch. Warm reminder : 1 inch pipe diameter is 1.32 inch, it can not fit our hooks! DO NOT BUY 1 INCH PIPE! Please buy 1 inch EMT conduit!

Hang anything up that you want with this gong target hanging kit, this setup is very easy and portable, you may complete setup in not more than 1 minute probably.

Because of the COVID-19 lockdown, I can’t use these yet. They look and feel really well made. I tested the fit with the scrap piece of 1″ electrical conduit I had laying around and all looks good. Will have to see how they stand up to being hit with FMJ.

Update after 1st use: These were great! Easy to transport and set up out in the field. None of the pieces took a direct hit, though they held up well to splatter. The whole target kit was very stable once the pieces were settled in during setup. Glad I bought them.

Oh, what a great invention! This targeting system is so great, especially for pistols at 10 to 50 meters. I wanted to add targets to my set up, and these hangers work perfectly. It is great to hear the ping of your shot hitting the target and watching the target swing. Because I hang a series of targets on the rail at the same time I can switch from target to target as I change my location between shots, which is much more demanding and realistic than standing flat footed. Great product.

Great product. Clearly says to use 1” conduit. I see some confusion in reviews about “1” pipe”, but they’re two different things. 1” conduit works perfectly, is easy to set up/tear down, and I appreciate the weight difference when moving targets around. Hooks have taken multiple hits with no issues.

I did some serious study on steel targets and from n all-around perspective, these are a well made, intelligently designed set. The only negative is pipe fit, holes in the brackets are too small for 1” and the internal diameter for 3/4” is too small. I’m going to drill a second hole in each. One will be bolted to the pipe legs and the other will have the included clip pins inserted to keep them stable. Requires either modification or some creative mounting. However, I can live with doing the mods. If you aren’t tool and modification literate, find a different set and read the description entirely.

Works as intended. At 100 yards absorbed a 7.62 rd right in the middle of the J, bent a little, no damage. Holes should be 9/16″ or bigger. Tried on a 7/16 to 1/2″ square holes were too tight.


Tactical Rifle Scabbard Shotgun Shoulder Bag

The Rifle Scabbard Size :74x25cm ,Constructed of 600D high strength Oxford cloth,Only Weight:390g

Adjustable to different size barrels, movable handles and shoulder straps makes this truly comfortable for anyone to use.

The exterior is lined with molle webbing so you can customize the scabbard to your preferences.

Four D-ring locations for attaching the padded shoulder sling to for multiple carry options or preferences.

I really like this scabbard. My shotgun with a folding stock fits perfectly in it even with the tactical light.
It seems to be made pretty well but time will tell after putting the shotgun in and out several times. I’ll update this review later if I have any issues with it but right now I’m happy with this purchase.

Wish it came longer. Added velcro the top to keep my shickwave always tucked in. Wish it had a zipper.

This product looks and works as advertised.

I bought this as a gift for my brother and he loves it.

Great Quality and texture.

It’s well made fast delivery and my weapon fit perfectly in it.


7″ Black Double Sided Nylon Gun Cleaning Brush Set

Virtually unbreakable 7″ black plastic handle.

Thick nylon bristle end for aggressive cleaning, thin bristle end able to squeeze in hard to reach places.

Brushes come in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, and 25 Brushes. Choose from the drop down menu above.

Perfect all around weapon cleaning brush and great for other cleaning tasks.

These 7” dual ended brushes are excellent for all around firearm maintenance. The nylon is effective at applying lubricants and cleaning solvents. Keep your weapon clean and functioning properly by removing even the tiniest pieces of gunk, grime, dirt, and debris. The thick toothbrush like end can brush away performance robbing carbon build-up, while the petite end squeezes in those hard to reach places. The double ended design is specifically made for firearm cleaning but also has a myriad of other uses. Keep some on hand for cleaning tasks around the house, art and craft projects, cleaning automotive parts and tools and much more!

Rigid 7″ black plastic handle, double ended nylon brush.
Brushes come in packs of 1, 3, 5, 10, 15 and 25 brushes, choose from the “size” menu above.

Thick bristle end for aggressive cleaning.
Brush away performance robbing carbon build-up.
Thin bristle end for hard to reach areas.
Remove even the tiniest pieces of gunk, grime and debris.

Perfect brush for all around firearm maintenance and lubricating.
Have them in your range bag to keep your firearm functioning properly.

Also great for cleaning tasks around the house, arts and crafts projects, cleaning automotive parts and tools, jewelry cleaning and much more!

I first started using these in the military and found them useful enough to buy them for home use. I can vouch for the fact that they hold up very well to rough use as I have used them extensively on large guns while in the Air Force.

I have been using them at home for many years and finally had to buy more as they DO actually wear out over time. The package that I go has 12 in it I think, and should last for as long as I will be cleaning my firearms. I have given a couple away, but no big deal.

They are stiff enough to get things clean, and with the bristles on both ends, can reach into just about any areas you need to reach

Very good quality, and the package comes with 5 brushes. I use these for all my military weapons cleaning as the bushes are perfect to get off power, dirt, oil and anything else your service firearm picks up. They last a long time, and their shape is perfect for broad areas and hard to reach niches as the brushes have both a wide and narrow head. Moreover, Type-III Products shipped amazingly fast, and they have the best price on any site for this item, including ebay. Quality firearm cleaning aid.

If you are looking for a non-abrasive detail “tooth” brush for your home or vehicle, this is it. I have used this to super detail my BMW and leather seats as well as other household areas. You just can beat these. Two types of heads will get you in many places hard to get. I HIGHLY recommend these.

Excellent value! Inexpensive but durable. Use these to clean my firearms. The company that I purchased from, is run by Veterans! As a fellow Marine Corps Veteran, I am proud to give them my business.



Cheap Bullet Box, Rated for .22/.17 Caliber

Mechanical Auto Reset Target, No Battery Required

Mesh Trap is removable and catches BBs for easy clean-up

Included 3 Circle Targets and 2 Paper Targets

Perfect for Airsoft Shooting Pratice

It’s a great choice for a beginner to train to focus. I haven’t tested it yet with my sniper. It’s lightweight. It came without being assembled so I put it together and it’s fun, quickly and easy to assemble.

my son loves this target , its safe and easy to pick the pellets and through them away.

We’ve had it for 3 years and my son uses it in the spring/summer/fall constantly. No complaints!

Works perfect good deal

Easy to use, durable.


Pistol Cleaning Kit 9mm/.357.22.45.40 Caliber Gun Cleaning Kit

Portable Compact Case: The case is set up with card slots so that all parts can be placed neatly and orderly. The slot tips will be marked with Size. Convenient for you to choose the corresponding size. Case sized:7.7″ x 4.7″, It can easily fit into your range bag. You can take it wherever you go.

Gun Cleaning Supplies Includes: .22Cal, .357Cal/9MM, .40Cal, and .45Cal. phosphor bronze bore brushes and brass jags; .22Cal and .30Cal brass slotted tip; 100 pcs gun cleaning patches; 1 Cleaning brush; handle;2 brass rods;1 Plastic Pick; 1 empty bottle (bottles does not include any solvent or oil,.357 and 9mm are essentially the same sizes.)

High-Quality Brass Components: The cleaning rod, jag, and slotted tips are all made of durable sturdy bronze brass which are guaranteed a lifetime. With this kit, you will not be frustrated by the broken jag/tip on your barrel and will be able to protect your gun better.

Small Accessories & Great Use: The Plastic picks help to clean stubborn areas on your firearm; Make cleaning the dirtiest parts a breeze.

All in One Cleaning Kit: Multi-caliber accessories to meet your different needs,You don’t need a separate kit for each gun.

gun cleaning kit designed as a portable compact package, Whether you’re going to the range or to a friend’s house to shoot, you can put it in your range bag.

Slotted tips are available to use with your cleaning cloths.These tips are made of brass.

This pistol cleaning kit comes with an empty bottle that you can pour your usual bore cleaner and lubricant into.

The cleaning rod, jags and slotted tip are made of metal. The brush has a threaded end that screws into the rod to secure it.

The brass rods have connection points and screw together to form a strong gun cleaning rod.

Have not had the chance to use it yet. Fast delivery. I got this for my range bag and the small semi-hard case works out great for this. All components are of good quality materials,brass rods and brushes. I especially like the flexible shaft that is included, not sure what it is for but, I am sure that I will find a use for it somewhere down the road.

I got this for cleaning my 22lr pistol and it is very nice so far. it has all you need except the cleaning pads to clean your 22lr pistol perfectly. Great value for the price also.

In-law needed this and she is very happy with it. That what I was told. Has many different cal in set snd price was right at time. Hope that helps all.


Rifle Case / Shotgun Case / Takedown Case / Backpack

12 oz cotton canvas quilted material with split Leather trim.

Adjustable and removable shoulder strap.

Rolled handles.

Metal zipper and hardware.

Oversized flap pockets / Hanging loop.

Material Type: Polyester.

Sport Type: Hunting Tactical & Military.

alking through the woods with your granddad, old hunting photographs decades old, warm wood grains and scratches in an old hunting rifle.

These are the memories and treasured traditions that went into designing the classic heritage lineup of shooting gear…

Celebrate past moments and honor them with future memories – You create by mentoring new generations of hunters and shooters.

Gun Cases cases are constructed of 12-ounce Cotton Canvas Quilted Material with Bonded Leather Trim. A self-healing zipper with metal hardware keeps the case together and your firearm safe. Take all your necessary gear for your firearm with the oversize zipper pocket with adjustable lash straps and metal hooks. The rolled handles and removable shoulder strap makes carrying this case very comfortable.

This is an outstanding backpack. I love the vintage look, it locks like a water bag and is thus waterproof and has a convenient laptop part inside.

Pleasantly surprised, used this a few times already and its made quite the impression. I’ve carried about 200 rounds of 45ACP in MTM cases as well as a few ammo boxes, a 1911 + other items needed for the range and the straps held up. Well-sized bag all around – gun pads are a nice touch. Great buy!