Gun Targets for Shooting Range

Improve Your Aim: Shooting practice will become your favorite activity with the sight-in shooting targets. Because of the bright neon colors and clear border lines, targets are exceptionally easy to spot from even the furthest distances. You can easily target and distinguish between each shot zone, helping you to enhance your aim and shooting precision.

High-Contrast Colors: The paper targets’ high-contrast design, which uses neon yellow and intense red, is simply outstanding. Each target zone and mark are well defined so that bullet holes and target zones may be easily identified, resulting in better precision and higher target scores.

MADE TO LAST: Our shooting target is printed with high-grade professional ink on heavy-duty, premium quality paper for a long-lasting shooting experience. The paper targets are created in the United States and provide excellent value.

VERSATILE USE: The paper target stand is robust and resistant, allowing you to train for hours on end. Our shooting targets can be used as pistol, rifle, airsoft, or handgun targets, among other things, and are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor practice.

I use these at the range all the time and soon discovered they’re great for my backyard air gun range. I have a few CO2 guns and depending on which one you’re shooting you can expect 40 to 60 decent shots. So your numbers can easily be divided among the 5 targets, 8, 10, 12 shots per target, one cylinder for one sheet. And it records the groups’ progression as your cartridge runs out – makes a good study right there on one sheet. Handy and convenient.

These are well made targets. I received them this week and have already used 5 of them. I use them primarily for use with handguns at a distance of 7yards. If the bullet strikes the intended target area the hole is easily visible allowing you to correct your aim, if needed. However, if you miss the intended target and hit the black area it is almost impossible to see where you hit. I knew this would be a problem before I ordered the targets, but I wanted this type of multiple bullseye target. I would have ordered a target with a lighter background, but either Amazon just doesn’t carry it or doesn’t make it. That said, this is a good target. It holds up very well to blasting away 10-15 shots at each bullseye, and it was the best cost per target that I found of this type.

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