22 Caliber Pistol Cleaning Kit

14 piece cleaning kit

For a 22 caliber Pistol

Custom molded tray in a clear top dual bond molded TPR locking case

Pistol Cleaning

Dac Technologies 14pc 22cal Pist Cln Kit Features: – Multi-function handle can be used w/traditional rods, pull cords and also functions as a screwdriver handle – Two piece solid brass rod – One phosphor bronze brush – One mop – One solid brass jag – One plastic slot tip – 25 cleaning patches – One set of 6 driver bits – Custom molded tray in a clear top dual bond molded TPR locking case.

Have a super duper cleaning kit and end up using this because it soo handy and do not have to search around, like in the monster cleaning kit. Even when cleaning my 22 rimfire rifles, I use this kit and grab the longer rodsout of the monster, since they are right on top and easy to grab. Else, I;d buy rods and keep them with this kit, that;s how nice it is to use.

I have some other kits like this for other calibers and that is why I bought this. It has most of the tools that you would ever need to clean a .22 and everything is in the one location. It has brass rods, which I prefer over aluminum so as not to mar the barrel or the chamber. Works great on all of my .22s. Would buy it again and recommend.

In previous reviews there was mention of loose fittings and poor workmanship, but I found just the opposite. The pieces all fit together easily and great that the kit comes in a box.

i could not find a cleaning kit for my 22 pistol anywhere near where i live. found this one online and it has everything i need to clean my pistol in the kit. got the order in four days and am very happy with the kit



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