AirSoft Target For Shooting, Reusable BB & Pellet Guns With Trap Net Catcher

[Charm of products] Enjoy air guns safely anywhere in or outdoors

[Ease of use] Fixing the paper so that it does not shake

[Save] Collect bullets for easy reuse

[Easy to assemble and carry] Small size when not in use

Can be installed on the wall

Recovering of burnt & marbles solved in noise net attach object It is recommended for shooting, sniper training and game of CS, pre-Sabah practice and coordination, tatami shooter.

The bullets (BB) in the chamber and solve the ball trouble, bullets & balls are properly boxed. You can shoot more bullets in succession without wandering.

Because there is no noise, it can reduce the sound at the time of landing, and it is applied for indoor use.

Works great as long as your aim is good. Will catch airport bbs with no problems. My kid shoots all over the place so that’s why I said if your aim is good. Can replace the clips with clothes pins if needed and can print your own targets if you want.

Use this with Elite Glock G17 green gas airsoft gun shooting indoor within 15ft. It captures all airsofts. US A4 paper a bit short but the clips can still hold the target paper tight.

It was as advertised, great weighted paper. Delivered earlier than promised.


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